Road Trip!

For most people, I imagine that road trips are simple affairs of pack yo bags, pack yo wife, errybody up in here get in the car.

Me? Well, I complicate things.

Let’s play “Justification”:

I’m going back home to Ain’tcraphere, Virginia where the closest grocery store is nearly an hour away and forget any version of Walgreens or CVS, Honeychild. You gots the Walmart and its buy in bulk subsidiary of Sam’s Club. Which means if you’re going to be making anything outside of what Cookie in Atlantis would consider a food group then count yourself out of luck. It’s okay…I’ll just order online, you think to yourself, while the inhabitants start laughing. Sorry, kiddo, Nowheresville, Virginia is on the wrong side of the Digital Divide and most people round these here parts don’t even own a computer while those who do are on a dialup connection.

So, I feel a bit justified when I get a little obsessive with the planning trips back to the mountains.

I love those mountains…they get in your blood and when the leaves start to turn it is one of the most beautiful places in the world. The people have a sort of neighborly way about them because your blood runs deep as generations of your relatives have lived there but you also inherit the family nemeses. I’m looking at you Old Man Creasey, you know what you did and even if I’m a bit hazy on the details that were handed down but the line in the sand has been drawn. For Narnia!

My List:



Honeybaked Ham (Thanks, Penguin!)


Marshmallow Fluff (apparently, it’s “rare” this year…and I’ve been tasked with importing it)

Fabric for apron (it’s a thing, I’ll take pictures)

Pillow and fabric for cover (because sewing is dangerous)

The Blue Whale and corresponding yarn

Mawmaw’s purple shawl (in progress)

Yarn for Granny


Phone Charger


Greenbean casserole stuffs

Spanish Binder (Homeworks, yo.)

Camera and charger

Rice paper wrappers

Feed Me Seymour!

What I eat for dinner when I’m home alone…

Cereal with milk

Steamed broccoli

Greek style tuna fish salad and crackers

3 biscotti and 2 glasses of milk

Leftovers from the night before

Frozen pizza and leftover steamed broccoli

Can of Dinty Moore stew

Zebra cakes

What I eat for dinner when someone invites me over…

Homemade vegetarian spring rolls with teensy drops of siracha and freshly baked strawberry pie

Grilled burgers served with a citrus summer salad and delicious crisp wine from a local winery

Freshly made salsa served atop juicy grilled chicken and tender crisp green beans

Delicious pork chops served with cabbage cooked with apples in just this sweet yet slightly tart combination that has me wanting more

Creamy macaroni and cheese with a salad tossed in a honey balsamic vinaigrette dotted with cherry tomatoes and fresh mozzarella



We jokingly call it “married single girl cooking” because we are happily married but 24 hour duty rotations, weeks of field training, TDY assignments, and deployments mean military wives are often alone when it comes around to dinner time. Sure, some of us have kids to cook for, but a good portion of us don’t and for me, dinner has always been a family affair. We sit around the dinner table, talk about our day, put on some music, and focus on spending a little bit of time with one another. When that doesn’t happen, I feel a little lost and it’s usually when I feel the loneliest.

There’s really no solution for the situation it’s just something to go through while waiting (however impatiently) for the one in uniform to come home.

Three months down. Six more to go!


When stored properly liquid honey is the only food that does not spoil. 



I’ve gotten several messages about why haven’t I shared more pictures from Gencon.

Thanks everyone for wanting to see my awesome amateur photography skills, I’m so grateful to how supportive you all are, but the truth is I had a truly miserable time and trying to pretend it was a blast is disingenuous. I was made to feel very unwelcome by someone who is no longer my friend and her husband who spent the entire Gencon trip in a crappy mood which I unfortunately caught the backlash of over numerous days as we shared a hotel room. Throwing up two dinners out of stress and anxiety over anticipating further verbal abuse doesn’t constitute a good time.

So, let’s just move on and I’ll show off pictures of other lovely things instead.


The first color photograph was taken in 1861 by James Maxwell, a British physicist.